Sydney + Matt | Carlsbad Engagement Photography

Sydney and Matt’s love story started when they were in high school.  And, when they saw each other at a mutual friend’s BBQ, Matt asked Sydney out on a date.  Completely flustered and caught off guard, Sydney entered the WRONG phone number in his list of numbers on his phone.

You know the dude digs you when he tracks down your digits from her friends! And,  so Matt did just that. They had their ‘date’ and years later Matt and Sydney will tie-the-knot next month at a local winery.

These two were so giddy during their engagement session! Surrounding them were vibrant pops of terra-cotta and turquoise blue details throughout the ranch. Add the unexpected, meandering peacocks and heavenly light and you have yourself a memorable engagement photo shoot! Thank you Sydney + Matt for our fun afternoon ~ the best part was getting-to-know you and seeing your sweet love before your exciting day next month. I just can’t wait!  Xoxo, Patty


Rancho-Carillo-San-Marcos-Engagement-Photo-Shoot 01Rancho-Carillo-San-Marcos-Engagement-Photo-Shoot 02Rancho-Carillo-San-Marcos-Engagement-Photo-Shoot 03Rancho-Carillo-San-Marcos-Engagement-Photo-Shoot 04Rancho-Carillo-San-Marcos-Engagement-Photo-Shoot 05Rancho-Carillo-San-Marcos-Engagement-Photo-Shoot 06Rancho-Carillo-San-Marcos-Engagement-Photo-Shoot 07Rancho-Carillo-San-Marcos-Engagement-Photo-Shoot 08Rancho-Carillo-San-Marcos-Engagement-Photo-Shoot 09Rancho-Carillo-San-Marcos-Engagement-Photo-Shoot 10Rancho-Carillo-San-Marcos-Engagement-Photo-Shoot 11Rancho-Carillo-San-Marcos-Engagement-Photo-Shoot 12Rancho-Carillo-San-Marcos-Engagement-Photo-Shoot 13Rancho-Carillo-San-Marcos-Engagement-Photo-Shoot 14Rancho-Carillo-San-Marcos-Engagement-Photo-Shoot 15Rancho-Carillo-San-Marcos-Engagement-Photo-Shoot 22Rancho-Carillo-San-Marcos-Engagement-Photo-Shoot 16Rancho-Carillo-San-Marcos-Engagement-Photo-Shoot 17Rancho-Carillo-San-Marcos-Engagement-Photo-Shoot 18Rancho-Carillo-San-Marcos-Engagement-Photo-Shoot 21Rancho-Carillo-San-Marcos-Engagement-Photo-Shoot 20




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