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I met Korie through mutual friends in the wedding industry. She’s the type of gal that you feel an instant ‘soul sister’ connection with. That’s a great thing since we are together for at least 7 hours on our clients wedding day! On top of her kind and genuine demeanor, she kicks some serious butt at her job. She goes above and beyond the-call-of-duty for everyone throughout the entire wedding planning process; and is enthusiastic and joyous about it. It almost doesn’t feel like it’s a job when you are around her.  More so, she is an exceptional mother, and she is GREAT at it. To see her gigantic smile when she snuggled her boys made my heart melt. They both are so lucky to have her, as she is so lucky to have them.

I love The San Luis Rey Mission – the property never disappoints. The area marvels me and my camera each time I photograph there. I think we got the BEST photo at sunset with the Mission’s architecture in the backdrop, and a hint of orange hue of light.

Thank you Korie and your two loves for a fun and memorable afternoon. I’m truly honored to have captured you and your boys on this warm December afternoon. Xoxo, Patty

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