Melody + Jared | J.Crew inspired engagement Photography | Carlsbad California

Melody and Jared wanted a secluded and earthy location for their {as I call it “J.Crew” inspired) engagement session. So we set out for their location and a little small urban action prior to the field. We spontaneously hit up RELM, a cute wine bar in San Elijo Hills, crashed a well-lit small home store and then headed to one of my favorite fields. Hand-in-hand, they warmed up to the camera, walked through the fields and at times, got silly.  Loved that!

These two met Melody’s 1st day of work {1st job straight out of college}. They worked together for about a year and a half when Melody was going to set him up with her best friend…It was then that melody discovered her feelings for him, and too, Jared felt the same.  I guess this is where you say, the rest is history.

While San Francisco is where they live, they will tie the knot in sunny Carlsbad at a coastal venue in May 2014.    Thank you Melody and Jared for the honor to capture your love before your big day! Xo

Carlsbad-Engagement-Photography-Petula-Pea-Photography  01

Love their expressions here.

Carlsbad-Engagement-Photography-Petula-Pea-Photography  02Relm wine bar is so awesome! It’s a must try! There is one in Carlsbad and San Elijo Hills.

Carlsbad-Engagement-Photography-Petula-Pea-Photography  03Carlsbad-Engagement-Photography-Petula-Pea-Photography  04Carlsbad-Engagement-Photography-Petula-Pea-Photography  05Carlsbad-Engagement-Photography-Petula-Pea-Photography  06Carlsbad-Engagement-Photography-Petula-Pea-Photography  07Carlsbad-Engagement-Photography-Petula-Pea-Photography  08Carlsbad-Engagement-Photography-Petula-Pea-Photography  09Carlsbad-Engagement-Photography-Petula-Pea-Photography  10The light!!! Amazing!

Carlsbad-Engagement-Photography-Petula-Pea-Photography  11Carlsbad-Engagement-Photography-Petula-Pea-Photography  12Carlsbad-Engagement-Photography-Petula-Pea-Photography  13Carlsbad-Engagement-Photography-Petula-Pea-Photography  14Carlsbad-Engagement-Photography-Petula-Pea-Photography  15Carlsbad-Engagement-Photography-Petula-Pea-Photography  16Carlsbad-Engagement-Photography-Petula-Pea-Photography  17Carlsbad-Engagement-Photography-Petula-Pea-Photography  18Carlsbad-Engagement-Photography-Petula-Pea-Photography  19Carlsbad-Engagement-Photography-Petula-Pea-Photography  20Carlsbad-Engagement-Photography-Petula-Pea-Photography  21Carlsbad-Engagement-Photography-Petula-Pea-Photography  22Carlsbad-Engagement-Photography-Petula-Pea-Photography  23Carlsbad-Engagement-Photography-Petula-Pea-Photography  24Carlsbad-Engagement-Photography-Petula-Pea-Photography  25Carlsbad-Engagement-Photography-Petula-Pea-Photography  26

Hair and Make-up: J’Ellis Faces

Location: Relm Wine Bar

Wardrobe: J.Crew

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melody tong - patty, your work is always amazing! thanks for everything, we love how it all came out! and, it’s not ALL jcrew clothing!! lol

Petula Pea Photography - Haha, Melody, I know. It just sounds great, the first half looks all Anthro 😉 xoxo

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