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I always get a huge smile on my face & giddy when I get asked to do pregnancy photos. Extra giddy when I know the couple.  Extra, extra giddy when they both are photographers and they chose me to document this time of their lives. I love that they trusted me to do this!

 I met Laura when I booked her for a boudoir party last January. She is a photographer as well, and, a knockout! So I figured her boudoir session would be pretty epic considering the above. Well, it was pretty ahh-mazing. At the time of her boudoir session, her husband was working on a film production for a couple of months in another state. She saved her boudoir album for a surprise when she visited him on location {last March}.

Well, if you can do the math, and you figure her photos were pretty epic, you do the guessing! Hehe.

Nevertheless, it’s such a special story and ending. Baby Tucker Cale Walking Eagle was born New Year’s Eve 2013 {naturally} and is just as cute as his mommy and daddy.  Congratulations Laura and Clayton on becoming parents and knowing the most indescribable love in the world.

{Photo credit of baby Tucker at the end of the post by mommy and daddy {Walking Eagle Photography}



My fave photo!!  Love the light, and we barely caught it. We worked hard for it, right Laura?


Another favorite. Dad talking to baby – so, so precious.



And, one of baby Tucker taken by his talented mommy and daddy…



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