Kristen + Lucas | The Grand Del Mar Elopement + Maternity Photography

I had the privilege of photographing this beautiful, young couple last month just weeks before Kristen’s due date. They came to me at the last minute and I am so happy that I was able fit them in as this is such a special time in their life.

The Grand Del Mar is by far one of my favorite locations to shoot in Del Mar. The colors and backdrops were so rich and full of elegant texture. I absolutely love maternity photography so if you are in your early stages of pregnancy, let me know as I would love to photograph you towards your last 1-2 months of your pregnancy.  Thank you so much Kristen + Lucas for allowing me to photograph this time of your life. I just can’t wait to see photos of your new & sweet bundle of joy!


Grand-Del-Mar-Maternity-Pregnancy-Photos-Del-Mar-Photography 01


Grand-Del-Mar-Maternity-Pregnancy-Photos-Del-Mar-Photography 02


Grand-Del-Mar-Maternity-Pregnancy-Photos-Del-Mar-Photography 03


Grand-Del-Mar-Maternity-Pregnancy-Photos-Del-Mar-Photography 04


Grand-Del-Mar-Maternity-Pregnancy-Photos-Del-Mar-Photography 05


Grand-Del-Mar-Maternity-Pregnancy-Photos-Del-Mar-Photography 06


Grand-Del-Mar-Maternity-Pregnancy-Photos-Del-Mar-Photography 07


Grand-Del-Mar-Maternity-Pregnancy-Photos-Del-Mar-Photography 08


Grand-Del-Mar-Maternity-Pregnancy-Photos-Del-Mar-Photography 09


Grand-Del-Mar-Maternity-Pregnancy-Photos-Del-Mar-Photography 10


Grand-Del-Mar-Maternity-Pregnancy-Photos-Del-Mar-Photography 11


Grand-Del-Mar-Maternity-Pregnancy-Photos-Del-Mar-Photography 12


Grand-Del-Mar-Maternity-Pregnancy-Photos-Del-Mar-Photography 13


Grand-Del-Mar-Maternity-Pregnancy-Photos-Del-Mar-Photography 14


Grand-Del-Mar-Maternity-Pregnancy-Photos-Del-Mar-Photography 15


Grand-Del-Mar-Maternity-Pregnancy-Photos-Del-Mar-Photography 16


Grand-Del-Mar-Maternity-Pregnancy-Photos-Del-Mar-Photography 17


Grand-Del-Mar-Maternity-Pregnancy-Photos-Del-Mar-Photography 18






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