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I always love to find out how my clients discover my business. It so happens that Jessica found Petula Pea Photography on Yelp! For those of you that know how it works, it can be a double-edged sword (in terms of their strange hostage of your reviews!). But in this case, Yelp worked out wonderfully for all of us.

Jessica’s most recent family photographer moved on to another business niche in photography, and I was lucky enough to fill that spot. Yeah! And, all from Yelp!

This is the family that you can just keep photographing, especially their perfectly behaved, carrot & grape-eating, book-reading angel, Coralynn. Yeah, she eats her vegetables! She was perfect and smiled, laughed and posed perfectly. It turns out that I get another shot with this family as Jessica is due with her 2nd child in March.  Meeep!

Thank you Kirkendall family for the fun adventure this past September and I look forward to meeting your new addition next year. xo

Carlsbad-Family-Photography-Petula-Pea-Photography 01

Carlsbad-Family-Photography-Petula-Pea-Photography 02

Carlsbad-Family-Photography-Petula-Pea-Photography 03

Carlsbad-Family-Photography-Petula-Pea-Photography 04

Carlsbad-Family-Photography-Petula-Pea-Photography 05

Carlsbad-Family-Photography-Petula-Pea-Photography 06

Carlsbad-Family-Photography-Petula-Pea-Photography 07

Carlsbad-Family-Photography-Petula-Pea-Photography 08

Carlsbad-Family-Photography-Petula-Pea-Photography 09

Carlsbad-Family-Photography-Petula-Pea-Photography 10

Carlsbad-Family-Photography-Petula-Pea-Photography 11

Carlsbad-Family-Photography-Petula-Pea-Photography 12

Carlsbad-Family-Photography-Petula-Pea-Photography 13

Carlsbad-Family-Photography-Petula-Pea-Photography 14

Carlsbad-Family-Photography-Petula-Pea-Photography 15

Carlsbad-Family-Photography-Petula-Pea-Photography 16

Carlsbad-Family-Photography-Petula-Pea-Photography 17

Carlsbad-Family-Photography-Petula-Pea-Photography 18

Carlsbad-Family-Photography-Petula-Pea-Photography 19

Carlsbad-Family-Photography-Petula-Pea-Photography 20

Carlsbad-Family-Photography-Petula-Pea-Photography 21

Carlsbad-Family-Photography-Petula-Pea-Photography 22

Carlsbad-Family-Photography-Petula-Pea-Photography 23


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