Carlsbad Family Beach Photos | Baby Noah, 9 months old

I always get giddy when I have a photo shoot with Shannon and Victor. It means that I get to see them again and it means that I get to see baby Noah’s contagious, smiling face. He is ahh-dorable.

But, before baby Noah came along, I was lucky enough to photograph Shannon + Victor’s engagement session, wedding, maternity session and Noah’s newborn photos.

Repeat customers are indeed the foundation on which profitable businesses are built, {which I am so thankful for} but for me it’s more than that. I have cultivated something inevitable with this family, and that is a friendship that will certainly last a lifetime. And, to me, that is more important than any profit.

Thank you Shannon + Victor for trusting in me to create these invaluable memories for you. Here are a few oldies from my journey with Shannon and Victor. And, their recent Carlsbad Family Beach Photoshoot follows…  xo

Carlsbad-Beach-Family-Photos 01

Shannon + Victor’s engagement Session at Terramar Beach in Carlsbad, Dec 2011

Carlsbad-Beach-Family-Photos 02

Shannon + Victor’s Wedding at Levyland Estates, Jan, ’12. See their lovely wedding blogged by Melissa at Sweet Blossom Weddings

Carlsbad-Beach-Family-Photos 03

Absolutely LOVED their maternity session photographed at a hidden gem by their house in Carlsbad

Carlsbad-Beach-Family-Photos 04

And, here is Baby Noah, 7-days-old. Love, just love.

Baby Noah is now 9+ months old and providing mom and dad with a love so deep, it shows in each frame.

Carlsbad-Beach-Family-Photos 16Carlsbad-Beach-Family-Photos 15Carlsbad-Beach-Family-Photos 14

Eeeeeee, baby toes. Baby toes! Love.Carlsbad-Beach-Family-Photos 13Carlsbad-Beach-Family-Photos 12Carlsbad-Beach-Family-Photos 11Carlsbad-Beach-Family-Photos 10Carlsbad-Beach-Family-Photos 09Carlsbad-Beach-Family-Photos 08Carlsbad-Beach-Family-Photos 07Carlsbad-Beach-Family-Photos 06Carlsbad-Beach-Family-Photos 05Carlsbad-Beach-Family-Photos 17

More baby toes!! And, I knew it was time to end the session when Noah needed a snuggle and his thumb 😉



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