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I always believe that everything happens for a reason, right?  Danael & Tony came to me in a different way than usual {without going into detail, they decided to go with my photography services through another photographer’s mistake}. I am thankful for that {so sorry other person!} because means that I wouldn’t have met these two lovely souls.  I am beyond thrilled for your wedding in May you two! And, thank you for trusting me to tell both or your stories with my camera.

With that said, EVERYTHING happens for a reason… Here is Danael’s story of how she met the love-of-her-life, Tony, on a night that she “wasn’t supposed to go out, bit DID!” . I thought that using her story instead of writing it would be better too.

Here is Danael’s story of how she met Tony:   “March 6th, 2010… I had plans to go out to celebrate a friend’s birthday but it was a rainy day and I did not want to go out for that reason. I am notorious for making plans and then breaking them because of weather. Who wants to get their hair done, only to have it all messed up by the rain? Anyway, my best friend Liz said I just had to go because I had made that commitment to our friend. Right as we were leaving, the birthday boy sent me a message saying he had changed his mind and wanted us to meet at this other bar I had never heard of, El Dorado. 

Once there, I mingled a bit and then decided to go to the bar to order a drink. There was a big board above the bar that listed all the drinks. To me, all those drinks had strange names and ingredients that one would use to make an omelette and not a drink. Not knowing what to order, I simply asked the bartender for a vodka soda. Suddenly, this guy that I had not noticed standing there said to me: “All these great drinks and you order a vodka soda? How boring!” and then walked away! I was appalled! Who was this jerk judging me by the drink I had ordered. But at the same time I thought, oh he is cute! Well, I got my drink and then went back to tell my friends that there was this cute guy and I wanted to find out if he was nice. I kept going back to order drinks for my friends because I wanted to run into this guy. My sister, who was also there that night, said that I kept taking drink orders from our friends but never went back with the drinks. Ha! Well, Tony and I chatted throughout the night. At the end, he asked for my number and I gave it to him. I also gave him my real name which I never really did before I met him. My sister and friends were surprised that I had given Tony my name and number because that’s just not my thing. 

We always think about the “what-ifs”. What if I had decided to stay home instead? What if my friend had stuck to his original plan of going to a different bar? What if I had not given him my real name and number? We like to think it was fate.”

I love that I just got goosebumps from typing this!!!  Congrats lovebirds, see you in May! xoxo, Patty


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LOVED this bar! Thank you Bencotto for having us!

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Hair and Make-up: Jellis Faces

Special thanks to Bencotto for letting us drink wine and photograph at their gorgeous bar!

And, thank you to the cutest Chocolate Bar, Caxao Artisan Chocolates for letting us dance and photograph there.


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