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Justin + Kelsey | Darlington House Wedding

Kelsey and Justin married at The Darlington House, in the pristine town of La Jolla, California, alongside beautiful historic homes and the Pacific Ocean. They met in the fall of 2009 as freshman at UC Irvine. Their fate collided when they both were living in the same dorm and Justin mustered some courage to flirt with Kelsey, just a few weeks after school started…

Kelsey describes how they met  “After a bit of flirtatious persuasion, I decided to give him a chance. That was the best decision I ever made. It didn’t take long for me to become completely smitten by his undeniable charm. Over the last seven years, we have traveled through cities, states, and continents, falling more in love with each other every step of the way.”

 With impeccable and meticulous help from Korie Norton at Bliss Events, and the gorgeous, historic Venue, The Darlington House La Jolla, and Kelsey’s Interior Design eye, her day went off without a hitch!

Kelsey is an interior designer so here she explains her design inspirations: “I have always been drawn to simplicity and neutral tones, so I knew those were must have elements for our wedding. After seeing the Darlington House on a whim, I fell in love with the charm and character that it evoked when you walked through the front door. You can’t help but feel the romance when you are in the garden’s of the Darlington.  That’s why I really wanted to play into the natural beauty of the patios and architectural details of the outdoor spaces.  It was important for me to not have our wedding feel to over done. But, at the same time, not overlook details that helped create an environment that was romantic, playful, and timeless.  I really focused in on the whimsical aspects of the Darlington’s gardens, so that those details further evolved into our floral arrangements, table settings, signage, and even drink accouterments. “

Thank you so much Kelsey and Justin for having me by your side on your magical wedding day. I know I cried alongside the two of you a few times and I will always be so grateful that you chose me to document your amazing love story. Xo, Patty








The Darlington House Wedidng-Petula Pea Photography






















I want to thank everyone who worked so hard on Kelsey + Justin’s wedding! What a spectacular day!

Wedding Venue: The Darlington House| Photography: Petula Pea Photography | Coordinator: Korie Norton at Bliss Events | Florist: Organic Elements |Caterer: Coast Catering | Make-up: Clairestyle | Wedding Gown: Yolan Cris | Groom’s Tux: Calvin Klein | Bride’s Wedding Shoes: Stuart Weitzman | Cake & Desserts : Coast Catering | DJ: DJ Gargar | Farm tables: Farm Tables and More

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Estancia La Jolla Wedding | Meredith & Nick

​Meredith and Nick’s wedding at Estancia in La Jolla, California, was absolutely breathtaking!  It was a  perfect day for a spring wedding, and I mean perfect! On the day-of, I kept getting text messages from friends saying “I hope you have a wedding today, because it’s gorgeous out!”

Estancia had always been a special and nostalgic place for Meredith and her family ~ She and her family often had dinners there and spa days there, so the idea of having the most-special-day-of-their-lives at Estancia felt perfect. 

In Meredith’s words… her inspiration for the decor and ambience:
“The ambiance of the hotel was a huge plus, and we love the ranch-inspired architecture and Haciena-feel. The atmosphere worked super well with the decor and vintage furniture that we brought in, and I think it made our guests feel at home too. We used mis-matched antique chairs for the ceremony (from Adore Folklore), which created a unique-look and made for great photos! Being in southern California, and a huge succulent-lover, the bouquet was originally inspired by blue agave but it turned into something much more than just succulents. When I saw Proteas, I knew they needed a place in the flower arrangements too! Luckily, both of those flowers, olive branch, eucalyptus, plus garden roses and more worked beautifully together.”
​Meredith and Nick met {Meredith’s junior year of college} while living in Mission Beach. They were next door neighbors! It didn’t take long for these two to connect and before you knew it, they were spending dates at the beach where Nick taught her how to surf.

They fell in love all while going to Taco Tuesdays, movies, dinners, surfing many waves in the ocean and many, many incredible conversations.  They call La Jolla their permanent residence now and just spent their honeymoon on the Big Island Of Hawaii!

Meredith and Nick, I know the wedding-gods were shining upon me when we met, and our instant connection only grew from there!
I am so honored & blessed to have been your wedding photographer ~ I loved capturing your pure joy and love on your wedding day.  Wishing you all the best as you continue to embark on more Taco Tuesdays, surf dates, and tons of movies together!  Love, Patty xo



Petula Pea Photography San Diego Wedding Photographer Estancia La Jolal Wedding















HUGE Thank you’s to such an amazing vendor team for making Meredith & Nick’s wedding day an impeccable success:

Wedding Venue: Estancia La Jolla | Photography: Petula Pea Photography | Coordinator: Ashley Babiarz at Bliss Events | Florist: Organic Elements | Wedding Gown: Anne Barge | Wedding Shoes: Jimmy Choo | Cake & Desserts : Michelle Coulon Dessertier | Hair & Makeup: Noire Beaut  | Live Music & DJ: Still Listening Productions | Paper Goods: Love Notes Stationery | Farm tables: Farm Tables and More | Videographer: Massiv Video Pro Weddings | Vintage chair & sofa rentals: Adore Folklore


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Marissa + Jared | Hotel Del Coronado Wedding

Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 041

Marissa and Jared married at sunset and beach-side at the historic and stunning Hotel Del Coronado. Even though it was winter, it was perfect outside!

Every now and then there is a couple that, although I did not photograph their engagement session, I loved them instantly the first time that I met them on their wedding day {well, on the phone too!}. These two speak and live straight-from-the-heart, and the connection between them was one to marvel. And, would you believe that they found me on Instagram!?

Luck? Fate? I think both!

The thing that made this wedding paramount was that 280 friends and family traveled from all over the globe to celebrate Marissa and Jared’s wedding. They tied-the-knot at sunset and on the beach at the gorgeous and iconic Hotel Del Coronado!

Now, I knew this wedding was going to be special but I had no idea about the rich cultural events that happened at a traditional Jewish wedding (yes, this was my first, and count me in for many more!). It. Was. Spectacular.

Many parts of their special day were a marvel but I think my favorite was their first look and their first dance (they danced like nobody was watching and it made me so happy!). Both are included in this blog!

Marissa and Jared, thank you from the bottom-of-my-heart for choosing me to photograph your amazing day, and I wish you the sweetest love for many, many years to come. Xoxo, Patty


Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 010

Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 015Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 016

Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 011Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 013Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 014Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 017Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 018Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 019Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 012Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 020Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 021Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 024Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 022Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 023Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 025Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 026Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 027Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 028Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 029Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 030Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 031Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 032Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 033Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 034Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 035Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 036Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 037Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 038Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 039Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 040Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 042Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 043Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 044Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 045Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 046Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 047Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 048Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 049Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 050Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 051Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 053Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 054Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 055Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 056Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 057Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 058Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 059Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 060Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 061Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 062Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 063Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 064Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 065Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 066Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 067Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 068Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 069Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 070Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 071Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 072Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 073Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 074Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 075Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 076Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 077Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 078Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 079Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 080Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 081Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 082Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 083Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 084Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 085Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 086Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 087Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 088Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 089Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 090Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 091Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 092Jewish-Hotel-Del-Coronado-Wedding 093


Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to help make Marissa + Jared’s wedding day a huge success!

Venue: Hotel Del Coronado
Wedding Planner: Francine Ribeau Events
Florist: Organic Elements
Hair and Make-up: Beauty by Stacey
Baker: Hey, There Cupcake
Band: Wayne Foster Band Venue: Hotel Del Coronado


Walkway: Hire Elegance

Video: Aquavivus

Photographer: Petula Pea Photography

Second Shooter: Jen Wojcik

Photography Assistant: Taryn Holland



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Juliana + Mark | San Diego Museum of Art Wedding

Juliana + Mark | A whimsical + romantic wedding at the San Diego Museum of Art


San-Diego-Museum-of-Art-Wedding 01San-Diego-Museum-of-Art-Wedding 02San-Diego-Museum-of-Art-Wedding 03San-Diego-Museum-of-Art-Wedding 04San-Diego-Museum-of-Art-Wedding 05San-Diego-Museum-of-Art-Wedding 06San-Diego-Museum-of-Art-Wedding 07San-Diego-Museum-of-Art-Wedding 08San-Diego-Museum-of-Art-Wedding 09San-Diego-Museum-of-Art-Wedding 10San-Diego-Museum-of-Art-Wedding 11San-Diego-Museum-of-Art-Wedding 12San-Diego-Museum-of-Art-Wedding 13San-Diego-Museum-of-Art-Wedding 14San-Diego-Museum-of-Art-Wedding 15San-Diego-Museum-of-Art-Wedding 16San-Diego-Museum-of-Art-Wedding 17San-Diego-Museum-of-Art-Wedding 18San-Diego-Museum-of-Art-Wedding 19San-Diego-Museum-of-Art-Wedding 20San-Diego-Museum-of-Art-Wedding 21San-Diego-Museum-of-Art-Wedding 22San-Diego-Museum-of-Art-Wedding 23San-Diego-Museum-of-Art-Wedding 24San-Diego-Museum-of-Art-Wedding 25San-Diego-Museum-of-Art-Wedding 26San-Diego-Museum-of-Art-Wedding 27San-Diego-Museum-of-Art-Wedding 28San-Diego-Museum-of-Art-Wedding 29San-Diego-Museum-of-Art-Wedding 30San-Diego-Museum-of-Art-Wedding 31San-Diego-Museum-of-Art-Wedding 32San-Diego-Museum-of-Art-Wedding 33San-Diego-Museum-of-Art-Wedding 34San-Diego-Museum-of-Art-Wedding 35San-Diego-Museum-of-Art-Wedding 36San-Diego-Museum-of-Art-Wedding 37


Thank you to an exceptional team that made Juliana + Mark’s wedding a memorable evening for everyone! Congratulations you two!


Photography: Petula Pea Photography | Coordinator: Bliss Events | Florist: Organic Elements | Wedding Gown: The White Flower Bridal Boutique | Cake: Sweet Lydia’s | Caterer: Coast Catering | Hair & Makeup: Couture Makeup | Band: Top Shelf Band | Officiant: Rev. Judy Winkler | Museum: San Diego Museum Of Art | Paper Goods: Love Notes Stationery | Rentals: Concepts Event Design



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Asha + Ben | St. Regis Monarch Beach Wedding

I’ve been waiting a long, long time to share this wedding with the world!

It’s more gorgeous than I ever imagined and the love that these two have for each other is ridiculous.I must have cried 5 times during the wedding, and while editing their photos –and- selecting them for this post.

Asha + Ben tied-the-knot at the St. Regis Monarch Beach in Dana Point, California in front of 50 of their closest friends and family. Their elegant affair of Bow Ties and Veuve was accompanied by the most humble, kind and sweet bride and groom, whom are insanely in love with each other, and I am positive that you can see it in these photos.

Asha + Ben, from the bottom-of-my heart, thank you for picking me to tell your love story, and thank you for

A life-long friendship that I am so excited to have with you and your family. Love, Patty xoxo

St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 01

St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 02St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 03St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 04St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 05St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 06St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 07St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 08St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 09St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 10St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 11St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 12St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 13St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 14St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 15St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 16St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 17St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 18St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 19St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 20St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 21St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 22St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 23St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 24St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 25St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 26St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 27St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 28St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 29St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 30St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 31St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 32St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 33St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 34St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 35St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 36St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 37St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 38St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 39St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 40St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 41St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 42St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 43St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 44St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 45St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 46St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 47St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 48St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 49St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 50St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 51St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 52St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 53St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 54St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 55St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 56St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 57St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 58St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 59St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 60St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 61St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 62St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 63St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 64St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 65St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 66St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 67St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 68St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 69St.-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos 70


Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to help make Asha + Ben’s wedding day a huge success!

Venue: St. Regis Monarch Beach

Wedding Planner: Rosemary Guziejka with Laugh Live TRAVEL

Floral Designer: Fantasy Floral Design

DJ + Lighting: Vive Entertainment

Rentals (Draping & Chandeliers): Finishing Touch Wedding Design

Rentals (Décor chairs): Fusion Decor

Cake + Catering: St. Regis Monarch Beach

Hair + Makeup: Flora Wade

Photographer: Patty Brutlag – Petula Pea Photography

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