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Kristen + Lucas | The Grand Del Mar Elopement + Maternity Photography

I had the privilege of photographing this beautiful, young couple last month just weeks before Kristen’s due date. They came to me at the last minute and I am so happy that I was able fit them in as this is such a special time in their life.

The Grand Del Mar is by far one of my favorite locations to shoot in Del Mar. The colors and backdrops were so rich and full of elegant texture. I absolutely love maternity photography so if you are in your early stages of pregnancy, let me know as I would love to photograph you towards your last 1-2 months of your pregnancy.  Thank you so much Kristen + Lucas for allowing me to photograph this time of your life. I just can’t wait to see photos of your new & sweet bundle of joy!


Grand-Del-Mar-Maternity-Pregnancy-Photos-Del-Mar-Photography 01


Grand-Del-Mar-Maternity-Pregnancy-Photos-Del-Mar-Photography 02


Grand-Del-Mar-Maternity-Pregnancy-Photos-Del-Mar-Photography 03


Grand-Del-Mar-Maternity-Pregnancy-Photos-Del-Mar-Photography 04


Grand-Del-Mar-Maternity-Pregnancy-Photos-Del-Mar-Photography 05


Grand-Del-Mar-Maternity-Pregnancy-Photos-Del-Mar-Photography 06


Grand-Del-Mar-Maternity-Pregnancy-Photos-Del-Mar-Photography 07


Grand-Del-Mar-Maternity-Pregnancy-Photos-Del-Mar-Photography 08


Grand-Del-Mar-Maternity-Pregnancy-Photos-Del-Mar-Photography 09


Grand-Del-Mar-Maternity-Pregnancy-Photos-Del-Mar-Photography 10


Grand-Del-Mar-Maternity-Pregnancy-Photos-Del-Mar-Photography 11


Grand-Del-Mar-Maternity-Pregnancy-Photos-Del-Mar-Photography 12


Grand-Del-Mar-Maternity-Pregnancy-Photos-Del-Mar-Photography 13


Grand-Del-Mar-Maternity-Pregnancy-Photos-Del-Mar-Photography 14


Grand-Del-Mar-Maternity-Pregnancy-Photos-Del-Mar-Photography 15


Grand-Del-Mar-Maternity-Pregnancy-Photos-Del-Mar-Photography 16


Grand-Del-Mar-Maternity-Pregnancy-Photos-Del-Mar-Photography 17


Grand-Del-Mar-Maternity-Pregnancy-Photos-Del-Mar-Photography 18






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Laura + Clayton | Pregnancy Photos Carlsbad California

I always get a huge smile on my face & giddy when I get asked to do pregnancy photos. Extra giddy when I know the couple.  Extra, extra giddy when they both are photographers and they chose me to document this time of their lives. I love that they trusted me to do this!

 I met Laura when I booked her for a boudoir party last January. She is a photographer as well, and, a knockout! So I figured her boudoir session would be pretty epic considering the above. Well, it was pretty ahh-mazing. At the time of her boudoir session, her husband was working on a film production for a couple of months in another state. She saved her boudoir album for a surprise when she visited him on location {last March}.

Well, if you can do the math, and you figure her photos were pretty epic, you do the guessing! Hehe.

Nevertheless, it’s such a special story and ending. Baby Tucker Cale Walking Eagle was born New Year’s Eve 2013 {naturally} and is just as cute as his mommy and daddy.  Congratulations Laura and Clayton on becoming parents and knowing the most indescribable love in the world.

{Photo credit of baby Tucker at the end of the post by mommy and daddy {Walking Eagle Photography}



My fave photo!!  Love the light, and we barely caught it. We worked hard for it, right Laura?


Another favorite. Dad talking to baby – so, so precious.



And, one of baby Tucker taken by his talented mommy and daddy…



We’d LOVE to hear from you as your comments below are very appreciated and LOVED!





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Pappas Family | Encinitas Maternity Photography

Baby boy – or – girl on the way for the Pappas family?  We shall find out soon as my dear friend is about to deliver any day now. I had the sweet pleasure to photograph Kelly, her hubby Trevor and their cutie-pie son, Keaton {yes, ironically, we have the same name for our boys}.  That irony, accompanied by Kelly’s sweet nature & her passion about being a support to mommies in labor is what solidified us to have her as our doula for our #2 {she was amazing by-the-way & that is how we met!}.

I tell Kelly over-and-over that she will always have a special place in our hearts and I sure hope we, and these photos will hold a special spot in hers too.  I just can’t wait to meet your new addition Kelly and congratulations a million times over! I was so honored to photograph your maternity session.


{A special thank you to Jessica Freeman  for her styling idea of the teepee + to Kelly for making it happen!}

{Hair & make-up by the super talented Jackie Ellis}

{If you ever need Doula support, Hypnobirthing classes or placenta services, Kelly is your gal!}

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